HERTSMI-2 is a mold test considers 5 mold species analysis on dust sample, all associated with damp buildings.

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HERTSMI-2 or Health Effects Roster of Type-Specific Formers of Mycotoxins and Inflammagens – 2nd Version is a mold analysis on dust samples for the presence of 5 molds that are known as the “Big 5” :

  • Aspergillus penicilloides
  • Aspergillus versicolor
  • Chaetomium globosum
  • Stachybotrys chartarum
  • Wallemia sebi

These molds are associated with damp buildings that make susceptible people suffering from Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome or CIRS. HERTSMI-2 predicted safety from re­ exposure for patients who had prior CIRS-water damaged buildings.

Use of HERTSMI-2 is inexpensive, reproducibly reliable and predictive of mold associated re-exposure from water damaged buildings. A HERTSMI-2 score <10 is indicative that the building is safe for re-occupancy.

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HERTSMI-2 Score Considerations

HERTSMI-2 is a panel originated by Dr Shoemaker based on the detection and quantitation of the 5 molds, also determined by MSqPCR. Each mold is given a weighted value, depending on the abundance of the mold. The sum of these 5 values is then tallied, and interpreted in accordance with a published table( ). The HERTSMI-2 score reflects the potential that a sufferer of Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS), who returns to the location where the sample was collected, may relapse. The score allocated to the molds in determining the HERTSMI-2 score does not provide information about the abundance of a mold or the degree of moldiness of a location. As with the ERMI, patients with CIRS acquired after exposure to the interior environment of a water-damaged building with toxigenic organisms, including but not limited to fungi, also could result from exposure to bacteria, including Actinobacteria and Mycobacteria, as well as inflammagens such as endotoxins, mycotoxins and other biotoxigenic contaminants.
NB: HERTSMI-2 analysis cannot provide guarantees that HERTSMI-2 scores below/close to 11 are safe for habitation because some individuals are extremely susceptible to inflammation from exposure to Water-Damaged Building. A low HERTSMI-2 score possibly is not sensitive enough to show all areas of a given building. HERTSMI-2 analysis/score does not replace careful observation of symptoms and lab results obtained following re-exposure.

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