Additional testing – FUNGITEN OR HERTSMI-2 to ERMI




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ERMI Score Considerations

"The ERMI score is a parameter designed to estimate the water damage experienced by a building. It is based on an assessment of the levels of DNA of groups of molds found to be associated with such buildings, as proposed by the work of Vesper( ) – it is calculated by firstly taking the log10 of the Spore Equivalents of each mold concentration determined from the MSqPCR analysis of the DNA found in the dust sample provided. Then the sum (A) of the logs of Group 1 (a selected set of 26 molds associated with locations where mold growth has occurred following water damage) is calculated. Similarly, the sum (B) of the logs of group 2 (a selected set of 10 reference molds commonly found in indoor locations) is calculated. The difference between these sums (A-B) is then becomes the ERMI score. This result is a relative index of the mold level present in the environment where the sample was collected as a determinant of the water damage historically suffered by the building. This index alone does not provide information about the amount or kind of mold present in the sample. However, individual mold information can be found in the ""ERMI PANEL QPCR ANALYSIS"" section of this report, where each mold concentration is expressed as SE/mg (Spore Equivalent per mg of dust)”
NB: Interpretation of the nature, conditions, pathogenicity, toxicity, or other information about mold species must be discussed in consultation with a specialist. Ref "Development of an Environmental Relative Moldiness index for US homes" Vesper S. et al, Occupational Env. Med, 49, 829 – 833.

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